Philip Brown

Philip Brown


Philip is part of the husband-wife team that launched Hill Valley Media on October 21, 2015, when the future finally arrived. (Don’t get the reference? Please watch Back to the Future…you won’t regret it!)

As a designer, Philip leans toward clean and simple designs. But don’t confuse simple with easy! A perfectionist, Philip will make sure every piece of a design – from color to typography to overall feel – fits together perfectly.

As a photographer, Philip views his role as a storyteller. He loves the idea of telling a story with photos and video. When he takes a picture, he isn’t just snapping a photo; he is capturing a moment. And every moment captured tells a story.

In his spare time, Philip can be found watching a Phoenix Suns game, Back to the Future, or Star Trek while eating pizza and playing with his boy.

Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown


Jennifer launched Hill Valley Media with her husband Philip.

Jennifer enjoys taking pictures because the right picture can fill you with joy at every glance. She especially loves lifestyle photography – taking photos of people doing everyday things like having a picnic or baking with the grandkids. Such photos not only help you capture moments, but also help you capture memories.

A proficient writer and editor, Jennifer honed her skills as a college writing professor. She loves helping people communicate clearly and succinctly. In fact, she thrives on it!

In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys settling on the couch with a snack in one hand and remote in the other. She can’t live without her baby, chocolate, or Netflix. Oh, yeah, and her husband Philip! 😉

Jennifer has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English, a graduate certificate in professional writing, and an MBA in marketing.